Unususal Copedents


Some steel guitarists are non-conformists – they like to use tunings derived from their own understanding of music.  Here are a few examples:

Reece Anderson’s 12-string Bb6th Joe Murray’s universal B6th
Ed Bierly’s 12-string D13th Ed Packard’s 14-string “13 Series”
Raybob Bowman’s 12-string A6/D9 Herb Remington’s 10-string A6th
Billy Jones’ 12-string A6th Alvino Rey’s big band E6th
Jernigan/Adams 12-string “Avenger” Roy Thomson’s 10-string E Diatonic
Sneaky Pete Kleinow’s 8-string B6th Sacred Steel E7th (8 to 14 strings)
Bobby Lee’s 8-string D6th, 10-string D6th David Wright’s 12-string Bb6th
F Diatonic 10-string12-string

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  1. I have an S12 that I am told belonged to Bud Carter…odd setup…4 pedals and 5 levers…nothing resembling anything seen here or anything close to extended E9. Most operations of the pedals and levers drop, few raises at all. Don’t even have a clue what the tuning should be…any help would be appreciated. I may just convert it to E9 extended and forget it. Just curious about what it could be…thanks.

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