D/G for 6-string Pedal Steel

I really love playing my little 6-string Rickenbacker in D/G tuning. So I got to thinking, how would I set up that tuning on a 6-string pedal guitar? The copedent I came up with requires a tunable split. Without split capabilities the F# to F change would have to be pedal 4. It’s the C6th P6 change.  But on this chart, P4 is the C6th P8 (similar to the “Jimi Hendrix” chord – B7#9).

This copedent is so powerful, it blows my mind. The open strings range from E to E like a standard guitar, thanks to P3 and RKR.  P1+P2 makes the dobro G major tuning, but those pedals also sound like the standard E9th A&B pedals. Also from E9th, LKL is the F lever, LKR is the middle G# to F# lever, and RKL is the standard E lowers.  RKR is my own invention to cover the C pedal change (with P1).  Some standard C6th chordal changes can be heard with P3, P4, the top part of RKL, and the split. 

It’s been a fun mental exercise, in case my 6-string pedal dream ever comes true.

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3 Replies to “D/G for 6-string Pedal Steel”

  1. Thanks For Sharing. If You Have Anything On The Tuning For A 6 String Lap Steel, I Would Be Grateful If You Would Share It. I Have An Old Silvertone.

  2. I’m glad I found this. I’m working on setting up the copedant for a pedal Sho-Bro I recently purchased. Thanks for posting this and your other D6th copedant.

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