Pedal Steel Slide Rule

As I was learning about the space where pedal steel and music theory intersect, I made a slide rule out of card stock to help me understand. My dream was to have it manufactured and sell it to other steel guitarists. That never happened. 50 years later, I found the prototype in an old box in my closet. Here’s a photo of it, for your enjoyment.

prototype of a pedal steel slide rule
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3 Replies to “Pedal Steel Slide Rule”

  1. This is VERY cool, Bob. I’m new to this instrument and have several times thought how useful such a thing would be. But I just never got around to figuring out how to do it. So now, seeing yours, I will unearth my Xacto knife and some card stock, and get to work.

  2. I’m new to pedal steel and don’t quite understand the stars and other shapes. I understand 2-7, but why R and not 1?

    1. R was for Root. Hey, I was just a kid. I couldn’t even imagine it would be on the internet 50 years later.

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