Sho~Bud Crossover Copedent

Here’s how the original Sho-Bud crossover guitars were set up. They had 6 pedals and 1 knee lever, and a mechanical lever that switched everything from one neck to the other. A cool idea, but the implementation was sort of clunky.


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2 Replies to “Sho~Bud Crossover Copedent”

  1. I’m a Dobro Player first & foremost!! Turned to Steel playing just for fun!! I asked Buddy Emmons about a 10 String E9th tuning and why use it!! His reply was that “It looks Good”!!! I use a straight E Major tuning on the 10 string and 8 string!! Why? Because I don’t have strings repeating the same notes!!! Doesn’t make sense to have the same NOTE on 2 differant strings!! The 8 String runs from the top, down, G#, E, B, G# all the way down! 1st and 2nd pedals goes to A, E, C#, A, on down and the right knee goes from E to F!! Not only is this easy to play BUT you don’t have to skip strings or even have the chance to hit a string that doesn’t match what you are playing!! Buddy loved it and told me, “PLAY ON. It sounds Great”!!

    1. What 8-string pedal steel are you using? Fender? I’m a supporter of the 8-string concept, especially when it has wide string spacing like a standard guitar. There are very few being made today. It seems to me that they would be very popular if they were available at a reasonable price.

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