Wine Country Swing with Cori Wood

These songs were recorded at a private concert on April 21, 2018. My 2017 Sierra S-10 pedal steel is way too loud in the mix because of microphone placement, but it does serve to demonstrate the swing side of the Hybrid D6th copedent and the excellent tone of this instrument. The amp is a Milkman Half & Half with a 15″ Telonics speaker. The only effect used was a Neunaber Echelon echo on “Never No More”.

Cori Wood sings “Never No More”, “Cow Cow Boogie”, “I’m an Old Cowhand” and “Ain’t Misbehavin'”. I sing “Lost Highway” and “As Time Goes By”. Hugh Harris plays guitar, looper, and sings everything else.

Mom and Dad’s Waltz


Never No More

Lost Highway

It’s Been a Great Afternoon

Cow Cow Boogie

I’m an Old Cowhand

As Time Goes By

Pennies From Heaven

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Little Coquette

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