Playing with The Rhythm Rangers

Fly on the wall recorder (Zoom H2) at Redwood Cafe, Cotati CA, 4/20/2018. I’m playing the new Sierra S-10 pedal steel built by Ross Shafer and tuned to D6th. I also used some effects pedals – the “organ” sound on “The Weight” is actually pedal steel through an Electro Harmonix POG2 and a Stymon Lex. The distortion effect heard on several songs is a Sarno Earth Drive.

Long Tall Texan (sound check)

The Breeze (Russ)

Cow Cow Boogie (Cori)

You Ain’t Down Home (Kevin)

Bump Bounce Boogie (Cori)

Early In The Morning (Kevin)

The Weight (Russ)

Little Liza Jane (Kevin)

Peace, Love and Understanding (Kevin)

455 Rocket (Cori)

Folsom Prison (Kevin, Linda, Rick)

‘Til I Can Gain Control Again (Kevin)

Dixie / The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Kirby, Russ)

Start It Up (Kevin)

Down In Mexico (Kevin)

Caravan (Bobby, Rick)

Bus Stop (Russ)

Never No More (Cori)

Frankie Please (Kevin)

King of the Road (Cori)

Fever on the Bayou (Kevin)

I Can’t Dance (Kevin)

Late Night Ramble (Cori)

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