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Roy Thomson's Easy
E9th to E Diatonic Conversion

"Ya Gotta Love That Steel Guitar"

Editor's note: Roy Thomson was inspired by my F Scale Tuning to experiment with a diatonic tuning. Instead of restringing his whole guitar as I did, he decided to drop all the strings half a step to make it closer to the standard E9th. Using this method, Roy can convert his E9th pedal steel to E Diatonic in about 30 minutes. He writes:

The foregoing [chart] outlines the adjustments I made...  I changed strings although I was able to practice with the E9th strings before doing so. As you can see it just involves four.

The A & B pedals are used exactly the same but you have to retune the nylon tuning nuts as indicated [in red]. Takes only a few seconds.

The K1 change is standard pretty well. The K2 change is also on the E9th and just requires retuning the nylon tuner for the 4th string.

This is fun if anyone wants to try it and of course adding more pedal and knee lever changes gives endless potential.

Any feedback is welcome. Write to:

Roy Thomson
Site 13, Comp AO
3 Glooscap Terrace
RR#2, Wolfville, N.S. Canada
or email:

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