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Raybob Bowman's 12 String
A6/D9 "Universal" Copedent

It was good to talk to you again after 18 years or so. Looking back, that gig where we backed up the Judds with twin steels was probably one of the last times we saw each other (in 1978!).
As you might recall I started w/E9, got a 12-string tuned to Maurice Anderson's Bb6 w/7p+5k, played it with "Western Electric", got fired 2 weeks later from 3 nights a week at the "Phone Booth", later got work with "Hickory Switch", then I changed the copedent moving E9 pedals to the center, adding 3rd pedal, moving the C6 "maj7" pedal to the left of E9 ped #1 to eliminate the "V" chord pedal of the C6 (by stepping on both together). I moved the "do-wa" pedal next to the "do-wee" or "diminished" C6 pedal.
Thirteen years later, for various reasons, I ended up with 8+5 on a 12 string. I couldn't reach #8 easily so it became my old vertical left making Ebm9 (with RKR on) or an aug5 on the Bb chord. I then moved the E9 pedals back to 2 and 3 'cause that trick to eliminate the V chord pedal pulled too many other strings.
Take this whole ball of wax, throw it in a blender, hit pureé, lower it all 100 cents to minimize string breakage & have more open string chords common to common music, & here's the new one:

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