The Universal E9/B6 Copedent


As the mechanisms of pedal steels evolved, some players devised ways to combine all of the changes of the E9th and C6th into a single 12-string neck. Called the Universal or U-12, this group of copedents typically uses a knee lever to change the string tuning from E9th to B6th (similar to C6th), and includes most of the pedals and knee levers from both necks of a D-10.

Reece Anderson’s 12-string universal Joe “Mac” McHam’s 12-string universal
Lee Baucum’s push-pull universal Danny Naccarato’s 12-string universal
Carl Dixon’s ultimate universal Michael Perlowin’s 12-string universal
Thijs Kappen’s 10-string universal Sierra Instruments for 12 or 14 strings
Jeff Newman’s very popular 12-string universal