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E9/B6 Universal Tuning

The factory standard tuning for Sierra 12 and 14 string single neck instruments is the E9/B6 Universal. This tuning provides the versatility of a typical 10 string double neck (E9 and C6) in a single neck instrument. A vertical lock lever on the left knee lowers the high and middle E strings half a step, effectively changing the base tuning from E9 to B6.

             LKL LKV lock LKR    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    RKL RKR 
 1  .013 F# _____+G_____________________________+G________________________
 2  .015 D# ___________________________________________________________-D_
 3  .011 G# ________________________+A____________________________________
 4  .014 E  _+F______-Eb__-Eb___________+F#_________+E____________________
 5  .018 B  ____________________+C#_____+C#_____________+C#_______-Bb_____
 6  .022 G# ________________________+A______+A#_________+A#_______________
 7  .026 F# _____+G_____________________________-F________________________
 8  .030 E  _+F______-Eb__-Eb_______________________-D____________________
 9  .038 B  ____________________+C#_________________________+C____-Bb__+D_
 10 .046 G# ________________________+A______+A#___________________________
 11 .056 E  ____________________________________+F__________-D#___________
 12 .068 B  ____________________________________+C#_________-G#___________  

The player typically shifts his foot position to work pedals 4 thru 8 when the B6 lock lever is engaged. Note that the change on pedal 6 assumes that the E's have been lowered by the lock lever.

Sierra's 14 string steels are shipped with the same tuning. A high G# (.012) is added as string #1, and a low E (.080) is string #14. No changes are attached to the additional strings.