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Joe Murray's B6th to E9th Universal

(picture of Joe Murray)

At Big Jim's Amateur Steel Guitar Jam, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe and Jan Murray, a Christian couple who perform gospel and country music as a duo. Joe is an excellent steel guitarist with an unusual approach to the 12 string Universal tuning - he starts with a B6th and uses a knee lever to convert it to an E9th. His guitar also has two wrist levers, though he says he doesn't use them much.

        _left__                                 _right_  _wrist_  
 # note LKL LKR  Ped1 Ped2 Ped3 Ped4 Ped5 Ped6  RKL RKR  LW   RW  gauge
 1  F# __________________________________________________+G_______.013_
 2  D# _________________________________________-D________________.017_
 3  G# ________________+A_________________________________________.011_
 4  D# _+F_______________________+E_________________+E____________.014_
 5  B  _____-Bb__+C#_________________+C#__________________________.017_
 6  G# ________________+A____________+A#_____________________+A#__.022_
 7  F# _____________________-F___________________________+G_______.026_
 8  D# _+F_______________________-D_________________+E____________.030_
 9  B  __________+C#______________________+C____+D________________.036_
 10 G# ________________+A____________________________________+A#__.046_
 11 E  _____________________+F____________-D#_____________________.056_
 12 B  _____________________+C#___________-G#_____________________.070_

Notice that with Right Knee Right (RKR) engaged, the tuning is very similar to the Nashville E9th. Otherwise, strings 3 thru 12 are set up like the popular back neck C6th, but half a step lower.

Copyright ©1995 by Bobby Lee