Jimmy Day’s E9th Copedent

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  1. I belkieve the Jimmy Day Copedent is INCORRECT.

    Jimmy Day’s LKL was used to lower his E’s

    Your setup doesn’t show any way to lowers the Es

    By flipping the P1 & P3 the player can rock off the 2 pedal & lower the Es… like falling off a log.

    Great Info

    1. What you say makes sense, Charley. I’m not sure where I got this chart, but it doesn’t look right to me now.

      1. What is the source of your information, guys? It makes sense to me that LKL and LKR should be reversed, and the dual function of RKR reminds me of several old student model guitars.

  2. Charley
    Here is the correct scoop on Jimmy Day’s set-up. LKL raised both F# to G, LKR raised both E’s to F, jimmy did not lower his 4th to E . RKR lowered the second string to C# and the 8th string to Eb giving him a 1/2 stop on 2. Marlen guitars decided to put a 1st string lower to F which Jimmy never used.It was thier choice told to me by Jimmy. That would be on RKR

  3. Per Leonard’s comment, you have the LKL and LKR reversed on this chart. The e raises should be on LKR

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