Jimmy Day’s E9th Copedent

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  1. I belkieve the Jimmy Day Copedent is INCORRECT.

    Jimmy Day’s LKL was used to lower his E’s

    Your setup doesn’t show any way to lowers the Es

    By flipping the P1 & P3 the player can rock off the 2 pedal & lower the Es… like falling off a log.

    Great Info

    1. What you say makes sense, Charley. I’m not sure where I got this chart, but it doesn’t look right to me now.

  2. Charley
    Here is the correct scoop on Jimmy Day’s set-up. LKL raised both F# to G, LKR raised both E’s to F, jimmy did not lower his 4th to E . RKR lowered the second string to C# and the 8th string to Eb giving him a 1/2 stop on 2. Marlen guitars decided to put a 1st string lower to F which Jimmy never used.It was thier choice told to me by Jimmy. That would be on RKR

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