Mike Jones


The Cookie Monster

Hello Bobby,

Although we’ve not met I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Mike Jones AKA the Cookie Monster. I have worked with Barbara Mandrell for the last twenty two years along with Connie Smith, Charlie Louvin, Freddie Hart and Jean Sheppard to name a few others.

I play Emmons guitars and have three at this writing. One black Push/pull, and two Le Grandes. On live shows we use the Futures Sonics in ear monitors and play with out any amps on the stage at all. I use a Evans DP2R preamp and a Lexicon Alex for my steel. The signal is run stereo into the mixing board and returned stereo into the ear monitors.

Enclosed is the pedal chart that is on all of my guitars. I use part of the Crawford cluster on my left leg and my second is tuned to C# and raised to the D and D# indepedently on RKR and RKL. (I dislike half stops.)

Anyway I hope you can use this information and I really enjoy your Web site.

Mike Jones

E 9th TUNING  for Mike "Cookie" Jones                      8/04/95
   =>Note second string is tuned to C#
              KNEE PEDALS             FLOOR PEDALS             String
        LKL  LKL LKV LKR RKL RKR  1    2    3    4    9    10  Gauge
1  F#  ----------------------------------------------------G#  .012
2  C#  -------------------Eb--D------------------------------  .015
3  G#  -------G------------------------A---------------------  .011
4  E   --F------------Eb--------------------F#---------------  .014
5  B   -----------Bb--------------C#--------C#---C#---C#-----  .017
6  G#  -------G-----------F#-----------A---------A-----------  .022P
7  F#  ------------------------------------------------------  .026W
8  E   --F------------Eb-------------------------------------  .030W
9  D   -----------------------C#---------------------------D#  .034W
10 B   -----------Bb--------------C#------------------Bb-----  .038W

C 6th Tuning
          KNEE PEDALS                 FLOOR PEDALS             String
       LKL LKV RKL RKR    4    5    6    7    8    9    10     Gauge
1  G  -------------------------G#-------------------------     .011
2  E  ----------Eb------------------F---------------------     .014
3  C  --C#----------B--------------------D--------------B-     .017
4  A  ------Bb------------B--------------B--------------Ab     .022P
5  G  -------------------------F#------------------F------     .024W
6  E  ----------F-------------------Eb--------------------     .030W
7  C  --B-------------------------------------C#----------     .036W
8  A  ------Bb------------B-------------------------------     .042W
9  F  -------------------------F#-------------E-----------     .054W
10 C  -------------------------D--------------A-----------     .068W


Copyright ©1997 by Mike Jones