Johan Jansen’s Copedent

From: Johan Jansen
Subject: Tuning

Hello, this is a short regard from Holland. My name is Johan Jansen. I make a living with my steel guitar. I do the major session jobs, play most nights of the week and I own a steel guitar school, with almost 30 students. The students come from Holland, Belgium and Germany. I’m the only steel teacher in Holland who’s graduated from conservatory, and half of the instruction time is spent at music-theory. I think that it is important for any musician that he knows what he is doing, and why!

Here you can find the tuning from the E9 neck on my Derby. I like it a lot, it’s really the best sounding guitar I’ve played, and I’ve played a lot.

See you !JJ

This is my E9 copedant on the Derby D10

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