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  1. Our Family traveled holding meetings on Native American reservations in both the US and Canada. We had three daughters who did a pretty good job singing. Many said that we should go to Nashville and cut a record. We met Woody Beatty who lined up the musicians and Doug Jernigan was one of them who backed us up on both of the albums that we recorded. I really enjoyed the sessions, but most of all I enjoyed the fellowship we all had. Some years later a friend of mine, Irv Musta, wanted to record an album and I highly recommended the musicians that helped us. I just want to thank Doug for the great job and the fellowship we had. My oldest daughter has been talking to me about doing another recording of some of the older songs. I’m ministering in the Philippines now and only get back to the US about every two years.

  2. Hey, Larry J. Russell here again. Doug if you have facebook I’m there. My facebook address is: Larry J. Russell, I’m the one with dark glasses holding a microphone. Hope to hear from you.

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