Jack Stoner’s Copedent

Jack Stoner (jestoner@gte.net)
Kansas City, MO

I am a weekend musician (currently working with the Gifford Bros. Band in the Kansas City Area) and have been playing steel since 1969. Prior to the steel, I played lead guitar and some bass. My day job is LAN/WAN Network Manager for the Social Security Admin.

I play a Franklin D-10 with the original Bill Lawrence humbucking pickups. I mainly play through a Peavey Session 500 amp, and sometimes use a ProfexII as an effects unit.

My copedent is as follows and is not too unusual except for the 7th string pull (F# to G) on the E9th neck and lowering the 2nd string (E to Eb) on the C6th.

E9th Copedent

# note  LKL   LKV   LKR    Ped1  Ped2  Ped3     RKL   RKR  
1  F# __________________________________________+G#________
2  Eb _______________________________________________-D/C#_
3  G# ___________________________+A________________________
4  E  __+F__________-Eb________________+F#_________________
5  B  _______-A#/C_________+C#_________+C#_________________
6  G# ___________________________+A____________-G/F#_______
7  F# ________________________________________________+G___
8  E  __+F__________-Eb____________________________________
9  D  ________________________________________________-C#__
10 B  _______-A#/C_________+C#_____________________________

  • The 7th string pull gets me some Emmons licks and the stock Ernest Tubb guitar lick.
  • I have a “feel” stop on the second string for the half/full tone drops.
  • I have two splits on the E9th neck:
    • The 5th string drops a half tone B to Bb open and with the pedal down drops from C# to C which gives me a minor.
    • The 6th string open drops a full tone to F# and with the pedal down it drops a full tone A to G which also gives me a minor.

C6th Copedent

# note   Ped4  Ped5  Ped6  Ped7  Ped8     RKL   RKR  
1  G  _________+G#___________________________________
2  E  _______________+F_________________________-Eb__
3  C  _____________________+D_____________-B_________
4  A  ___+B________________+B________________________
5  G  _________-F#___________________________________
6  E  _______________-Eb_____________________________
7  C  ___________________________+C#_________________
8  A  ___+B__________________________________________
9  F  _________+F#_______________-E__________________
10 C  _________+D________________-A__________________

  • The E string drop on the C6th is my “Merle Travis” lever and I use it with the Merle Travis / Chet Atkins style picking I do on the steel.

Copyright ©1995 by Jack Stoner

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