Carl Dvorcek

Carl Dvorcek has been a member of The Steel Guitar Forum since its inception. Before that, probably in 1996, he sent me the copedent for his D-12 pedal steel. The extended E9th is not unusual, but the C6th has features that I’ve never seen elsewhere, including a high A string!

Carl P. Dvorcek Sr.'s Double 12 Pedal Steel Tunings


(E9th Tuning Graphic)text version of the E9th chart is also available.

Pedal tunings are tempered as follows:

     LKL   +F  @ 433
     LKV   +G  @ 439.5
     LKR   -A# @ 439
      1    +C# @ 436
           +A  @ 438.5
      2    +A  @ 438.5
      3    +F# @ 437
           +C# @ 436
     RKL   -D  @ 439
          --C# @ 437
     RKR   -D# @ 438


(C6th Tuning Graphic)text version of the C6th chart is also available.


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