Bob Shilling’s E9th Copedent

(picture of) Bob Shilling
Bob Shilling

I met Bob at the 1995 West Coast Steel Guitar Show, and snapped this rather serious picture of him “faking it” on a D-10 in the Music World booth. Aren’t steel guitar shows fun?

From: Bob Shilling
To: Bob Lee <>
Subject: pedal steel guitar


Nice steel page. I was just about ready to do one myself when I heard about yours. I took up PSG 2 years ago, and, since I am 54 years old, don’t expect to make a carreer out of it. I’m a Civil/Structural Engineer here at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

I bought an MSA Classic S10 from Carl Green up in your area when I started playing, and have had occasional lessons from Duane Wong in El Cerrito. My tuning is a very standard E9, but I’ll send it to you anyway:

# note  LKL  Ped1  Ped2  Ped3  LKR     RKL   RKR  
1  F# _________________________________+G_________
2  D# ______________________________________-D/C#_
3  G# _____________+A_____________________________
4  E  __+F_______________+F#___-Eb________________
5  B  _______+C#_________+C#______________________
6  G# _____________+A_____________________________
7  F# ____________________________________________
8  E  __+F_____________________-Eb________________
9  D  _______________________________________-C#__
10 B  _______+C#__________________________________

That was fun. I cut and pasted your Lloyd Green tuning and modified it to suit. I think I would like to modify RKL to raise 7 to +G also. That way I can play a Dominant 7th chord at the same fret as the major, with A&B pedals down. Duane says I should get in touch with Tom Bradshaw for that.

I subscribed to “Steel Guitar World Magazine” last year at the Steel Guitar Show, and it has lots of tunings and tab in it. Maybe Russ Rask would let you put some of that stuff on your page.

Copyright ©1995 by Bob Shilling


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