About Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee is a pedal steel guitar player and active promoter of the instrument, including founding and participating on a number of Internet websites and discussion forums. Inspired by the steel guitar styles of Jerry Garcia (with The Grateful Dead) and Don Helms (with Hank Williams), Bobby Lee took up the steel guitar in 1972. He started performing with country bands in Northern California in 1975, and became a common fixture in Sonoma County’s country music scene starting in 1979. His country band affiliations included The Cowpokes, The Western Rhythm Gang, The Wheelers, Scott Gerber, The StringBusters and The Country All-Stars, among many others. In 1996, he recorded and produced Quasar Steel Guitar, a CD of his steel guitar music. Bobby Lee is currently a performing steel guitarist with several musical groups in Sonoma County, California. He also plays electric bass and marimba. As “b0b” (his online handle), Bobby Lee became involved in BBSes in the 1980s. He leveraged that experience to start The Steel Guitar Forum in 1997. Over the years that followed, The Steel Guitar Forum has become the online center of the international steel guitar community.