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by Bobbe Seymour

Introduction by Bobby Lee

Nashville steel guitarist Bobbe Seymour has been publishing an email newsletter for steel guitarists for several years now. Back issues of Bobbe's Tips contain a wealth of information about the history of the steel guitar, maintaining your instrument, current trends, new products, etc.. They also include some of Bobbe's best stories about life on the road and in the studio with Nashville's biggest stars of yesteryear.

I had been saving (and treasuring) back issues of Bobbe's Tips in an email folder for two or three years before I noticed that they weren't readily available at Bobbe's web site, In the summer of 2011, I contacted Bobbe and asked him if I could put them on line here. He gratiously agreed. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Bobbe Seymour for his dedication to preserving the history of the steel guitar.

UPDATE: As of October 2011, new issues of Bobbe's Tips are being posted to the blog instead of here. All of the issues listed below are posted there too. This page is no longer being updated or maintained.

-Bobby Lee

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Index of Newletters, by date

2011 October 13 - More about "Thunderbolt", getting along with musicians, non-pedal players in demand

2011 October 10 - Lloyd Green's "Thunderbolt" Sho-Bud D-10

2011 October 6 - Jessi Colter and Waylon; Bobbe strolls down memory lane

2011 October 3 - John Bechtel, Miller guitars, Jody Carver, Curley Chalker

2011 September 29 - Pick blocking, GFI Expo for beginners, Lap steel

2011 September 26 - Waylon Jennings Foundation, Mike Gross "Swingin' West", tone bars

2011 September 22 - Bobbe answers questions about his approach to performing.

2011 September 19 - How Jimmy Day, Tommy White and Bobbe get their great tones

2011 September 15 - Bobbe's first guitars; the wonderful undercurrent of steel players in Nashville

2011 September 12 - Bobbe reminisces about old times on the road, Sonny Burnette

2011 September 8 - Eric West, Byrd Benton, USA vs Gibson

2011 September 5 - Steel guitar in movies, music television, Bobbe is inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame

2011 September 1 - The beauty of steel guitar; The mysteries of tone

2011 August 29 - Exotic musical wood and the US raid on Gibson Guitars

2011 August 25 - The design of early Sho-Bud and Emmons guitars

2011 August 22 - Nylon tuners, Shot Jackson pedal installations '52 to '57

2011 August 18 - Bobbe and Clay Canfield played at a rock star's wedding.

2011 August 15 - Bobbe at the Playboy Club in Hollywood, California

2011 August 11 - Bobby Lee Quasar, Obscure players, Switching to non-pedal, Origins of the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame

2011 August 8 - Paul Milano and the MIL Combo, Songwriting, the Bobro bar, Billy Robinson

2011 August 4 - Steel guitar as an investment, Bobbe's first road trip to Las Vegas

2011 August 1 - Pickups, Cords, Volume pedals, Henry Strzelecki, Steel guitar jams

2011 July 28 - Larry Self, Shane Koontz, Jazz steel guitar, Building an amp from parts

2011 July 25 - Bobbe answers more questions

2011 July 21 - Louie Shelton, Deciding which neck to play

2011 July 18 - Bobbe answers 20 questions about himself

2011 July 14 - Famous guitarists with taste, Bobbe meets Jerry Garcia

2011 July 11 - Steel guitar society, Reverb effects

2011 July 7 - PSGA newsletter, SGN t-shirts, Peavey Nashville 112

2011 July 4 - Summer fun, Buddy Akers, Jones vs. Goodson, Vic Lawson, Tascam Trainer

2011 June 30 - Sho-Bud, Gretsch, the Jackson Brothers, English steel guitarists

2011 June 27 - Pedal steel component wear, Despicable famous people

2011 June 23 - Bobbe's solstice birthday, George Jones vs. Tommy Killen, Mickey Newbury

2011 June 20 - Charlie Rich, George Jones, Ferlin Huskey, David Houston, Ronnie Stoneman

2011 June 16 - Emmons push-pull pedal steel

2011 June 13 - Fame wins arguments, Heat hurts instruments, Value your steel guitar teachers

2011 June 6 - Pricing used steel guitars

2011 June 2 - Learning to play, Steel guitar brotherhood

2011 May 29 - Pedal size, spacing and feel

2011 May 25 - Learning pedal steel in the 50's

2011 May 23 - Moving steel guitar from the past to the present

2011 May 19 - Steel guitar tone

2011 May 16 - Beautiful Sho-Buds, Value of old steel guitars, Ralph Mooney

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